New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


August 20th: No morning run scheduled. Slept in like a baby until 6:35am. All I had to do was eat breakfast and brush my teeth. Everything bagel with butter. Work 7:30-4pm. Normal Monday at work. Nothing too exciting. Maybe it was too quiet. Well not for long.

I headed home and decided to stop at Walmart to grab a few things. I usually get off of 9W, but I had to get off 9E to head in the right direction. The worst decision of my life. I see the green light. I slow down (not that much), look down to change the radio station, and next thing I know I am in the back of the car in front of me. Huge fender bender that the pictures will explain everything. No details needed. 30 minutes later. I was driving again to Target. Something sounded like it was dragging/grinding. Stopped, pulled over and realized my bumper was pushed in that it was rubbing up against the front passenger tire. Pulled into the next closest parking lot (in the drizzling rain) and ripped my bumper off the tire. Continued to Target before stopping again because something else was dragging on the road. It was a splash/debris guard thing. I didn't want to take it off so I needed to figure out how to tie in up to prevent it from touching the ground. The other thing I had was the cassette device with the wire that connects to an MP3 player.. It was broken so I ripped the wire off. I Jerry-rigged the wire to hold up the guard. My car is officially a POS. Still runs so I am happy.

Stopped at Target and took a few laps talking with my dad. Picked up some groceries and back to the apartment by 5:30ish. Out for 10 miles (69+) at 6:45pm. Burger with onions and mushrooms for dinner. Made burrito mix for lunches the next couple days after I showered. Bed by 10pm.

No morning run. 10 miles on the day and my first (and hopefully last) accident.


  1. Sorry about the accident, Eric! I had a similar accident with my Suby about 2 months ago. Unfortunately, instead of a sedan, I hit the trailer hitch of a Ford F350. Subaru was donezo. F350 didn't have a scratch. Glad you get to hang onto yours!

    1. Ouch. Thanks for bringing in your experience. I was bummed, but people have helped put me in perspective. I am attached to my Suby.