New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Late Night Run

August 3rd: 5:15am wakeup. Back to bed. Finally out of bed by 5:35am. Bathroom. Out the door by 5:45am. I wanted to get more miles in the morning out of the way, but that didn't happen. It's all good. Easy 4 (30:57) miles on my own. Back to the apartment to make oatmeal and shower up. Work 7:15am-3:45pm. The first hour+ of work was dedicated to teaching the new contractor training course to about 40 people. It went alright. My mouth was cotton mouth by the end because I had been talking for an hour straight. Salad for lunch. Delicious. I brought a whole avocado and put half of it in the salad. The other half was eaten with some ground sea salt on it. Mmmm.

Home by 4:10ish. Grabbed my stuff for a weekend home (dirty laundry and running stuff). Watched the women's 10k before I left at 5pm.

In Newtown by 7:30pm. Out for a 2nd run at 8:15ish. 6 miles (41:26). A slow progressive run and closing my last mile in sub 6. Solid run. Always fun to run in the dark. Small salad for dinner. Fancy cheese, tomato and cucumber. Topped with some tasty raspberry dressing. I thought it was homemade, but it wasn't.

Watched some Olympics and bed at a decent hour. 10 miles on the day and a relaxing weekend at home to follow.

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