New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, August 19, 2012

The Rainbow

August 17th: 5:45am wakeup. Out the door at 6am for an easy 3 miles (22:47). Starting to get nice and cool out in the mornings (55-60 degrees), which makes it more motivating to get out there and have it not already be 75 degrees and humid. Back to foam roll and stretch. Bowl of Kashi Autumn Harvest for breakfast. Packed the lunch real quick because everything was already prepared. Grabbed the container of Stony Field yogurt, banana, Nature Valley Bar, and my tupperware of chicken, rice and veggies. Work 7:30am-4pm. Alyssa made owl cupcakes for Goupil's birthday. I restricted myself to one.

Home by 4:30pm to relax. Goupil only had to run 7 and I had 10 on the schedule. Kimber wasn't arriving until after 9pm. So I ran at 7:20pm on my own. 10 miles (66:50) exploration run. Back to shower and do some speed cleaning before Kimber arrived. Watched the movie, Goon, on Netflix and ate rice, beans and chicken. Bed at a decent hour to sleep in on Saturday morning.

13 miles on the day. Packing em in.

And this is what I do in my free time, organize my running shorts. Byahh!

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