New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Late Run in Keene

August 12th: 6am wakeup. Turned on the television and saw the start of the marathon. Fell back asleep for 45 minutes. Watched some more of the marathon. Saw Ryan Hall and Adbi drop out within minutes of each other. Boo. Fell back asleep for a little. Watched some more. Missed the finish, but whatever.

Up to eat breakfast. Apple Jacks. Chilled for a while. Said some goodbyes to Kimber's sister's family. Packed up some stuff to head out on the boat for a couple hours. A toasted blueberry muffin with butter before we departed. Within 10 minutes of leaving the dock, I was fast asleep and for almost the whole time we were out there. I was tired.

Left Newport by 2pm to make it back to Peterborough by 4:30pm. Way quicker on the way back. I was driving and we just followed the GPS (we weren't originally, then we took a wrong turn and ended up just using the GPS). Packed up the rest of my stuff at Kimber's and headed to Keene for a solo long run up to The Clearing.

Left the gym parking lot by 5:50pm. 15 miles (94:38). Solid run. Rocked the last 3 miles in 17:35. I was drenched by about 5 miles and left my shirt on until about 10+ miles. Once I took it off, it was a huge relief. Stopped off at Fowler to shower and foam roll. Headed back to NY by 8:15ish. Home by 10:20pm. Smooth ride home. Almost hit a skunk though.

Bed by 11pm. 87 miles for the week with a couple quicker runs, a solid race effort, and a tough long run.

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