New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Made Emissions My B***h

August 4th: 7:20am wakeup. Out of bed. The emissions test hours were 8am-1pm, first come first serve. I had a protein shake to hold me over for the run and to keep it light. Headed out at 7:45am to make it there on time perfectly. I handed over the keys, my current registration and a crisp 20 dollar bill. Sat down in the waiting room keeping my mind off the fact that my car will most likely not pass emissions. I waited as my baby was pulled into the bay to get hooked up to the computer. I checked Facebook, watched some Youtube videos, and checked my e-mail. The elderly guy pulled my car back out front and approached me with a piece of paper. I asked, "How I'm looking?" He said,"Would you look at that? It passed." What?! Woohoo! Yippee! This was how I was reacting on the inside. We shot the shiznit for a little bit about my Adirondack 10 Miler shirt and how it's so beautiful up that way. I ripped right out of there and over to Fairfield Hills for a run.

Parked at the new facility. Changed up in the bathroom and out for a easy, humid 7+ miles (53:09). Stopped at 3.5 miles or so after snatching up a couple handfuls of ferns for toilet paper for a quick bathroom stop. About half trails and half pavement. Nice on the legs to be on the soft terrain.

Back to my parent's house to take an outdoor shower, stretch, ice, and all that good stuff. We hit up Town Fair Tire to get our tires rotated and a wheel alignment. One of the employees thought I should be in the Olympics after hearing my times. I was wearing my calf sleeves so that is why he inquired about my running. Back to the house and my dad wanted to mow the lawn so I ate some Fig Newtons real quick before helping him out in the yard. My Uncle Darin (Colorardo) was here now and my Uncle David (Florida) was here. After the lawn was down, we chilled out for a bit before deciding to go fish on the lake.

Grabbed the kayaks and headed down to the pump house to launch them out. My Uncle Darin and dad used them first while my Uncle David and I fished the shore. Soon they were out of sight and we were stuck on the shore. We walked along the shore in above knee high water casting away. I found a spot and caught a large mouth bass. Pow!

Back to the house to change up for a 2nd run at 6pm. Fueled up with a couple Oreos (my weakness). 5+ miles (34:49). Last 1/2 mile in 2:31 for fun. Outdoor shower and dinner on the deck with everyone (Aunt Jane, her husband Uncle David, Aunt Deidre were the late additions). Burgers, potato salad and cupcakes my Uncle Darin's 40th birthday. Watched the recorded men's 10k from the afternoon. Super exciting.

Fell asleep on the couch watching the other Olympics and zombie walked to bed once I was woken up by someone.

Oh and my car hit 209,000 miles.


  1. Nice bass. I know the anxiety of wondering whether or not your car will pass inspection. Is this going to cost 30 bucks or a thousand? Keep up the entertaining posts.

  2. Hahaha. Thanks Glenn. Glad people are reading and enjoying the posts.