New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Double Time

August 10th: 6:15am wakeup. Dying of thirst. Pounded a bunch of Gatorade. Run with Goupil at 10:15am. Beech Hill 7+ (53:35). Goupil turned for 5 miles. Back to Fowler to pound more Gatorade, stretch, foam roll, and eventually shower. Stopped at Fritz for a date with Goupil. Italian Stallion with a black cherry soda. The sandwich consisted of Genoa salami, Virginia ham, pepperoni, provolone, artichoke hearts, lettuce, tomato and onion on sliced Italian bread. Mmmm. So friggin good.

Back to the house to digest and watch 21 Jump Street once again (this was actually the 2nd day in a row). Goupil was heading out for a run at 4:30ish so I joined him. I only had to do 5 miles. Goupil had to do 7 miles. I decided to do 7 miles with him. I wanted to run to Goose Pond. So we did. Raining the whole run. Made it to Goose Pond at about 7 miles and we still had 4 miles to go. Jumped in to cool off. The water was really warm (which was weird), but still was nice to kick the legs around for a couple minutes. 11+ miles (79:42). 18 miles on the day and felt great to just run around Keene for all those miles.

Showered up at 6pm and headed over to Peterborough to see Kimber. Grocery shopping once I arrived. We couldn't decide on what to have for dinner. We went with fruit salad, cheese/crackers, and rice/beans with some veggies (onions, red peppers, and avocado). And no, the Elmer's glue was not part of the dinner.

Watched some Olympics and cleaned up before heading to bed at a decent hour.

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