New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

4 Weeks Down

August 27th: 5:55am wakeup. Out for a easy shakeout of 4 miles (29:14) at 6:20am. Everything bagel for breakfast. Rushed around to get things together for work. Finally made it to work by 8am. I did leave late, but the parking lots are being worked on so mad traffic in the morning. It's terrible. A full 20 minutes from when I hit traffic to my desk. Usually it takes me about 4-5 minutes. I have to park super far away and walk through Admin 1 to get to Admin 2. Work 8am-4:30pm. Another salad for lunch. Mmmm.

Home by 5pm. Picked up my package at the office. New lightweight trainers/racers. The Lunarspeed Lites. I added a Brooks Running Warehouse hat for $10 bucks and a free Running Warehouse reusable grocery bag.

Out for a 2nd run at 6:30pm. 8.5 miles (56:47). Tried out the new kicks. I like them. Cruised through the run. As I am updating my running log, I realize that I keep track of 8 pairs of shoes (between racers and trainers). It forces me stay up to date with my log. Foam rolled and started making dinner.

Goupil and I made burgers for dinner. Watched some television and bed by 10pm. Iced before I fell asleep.

12.5 miles on the day. 4 official weeks of marathon training completed. 88, 77, 97, and 93. Boom!

A typical week in the running log. Abbreviations for each pair of shoes.

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