New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, May 31, 2012

Try Something New

May 31st: 5:10am wakeup. Out of bed at 5:15ish. Bagel with cream cheese for breakfast. I had time to eat it on the couch. Today was my Friday because I have tomorrow off from work. Flying out of Albany at 9:10am tomorrow morning. Work 6am-3pm. Lunch consisted of double decker PB&J, Go Lean Crisp, two homemade brownies, and Nature Valley Barn. Bought a strawberry banana smoothie before heading back up to the desks. Mmmm. A meeting at the end of the day with the new management group, AMTS.

Home by 3:45ish. Immediately hopped on the Wii to play Zelda. Goupil home at 5pm. I kept on playing videogames. Goupil eventually came out to the living room after I was done playing. He turned on the Xbox to begin playing his game. I guess we weren't in a rush to run. Cool with me.

Out the door at 6:15pm. 9+ miles (63:24). Solid run. Pooped at 4+ miles. Ferns all around me. Woohoo! Good run. Legs felt good. Smooth the whole way. Sort of an adventure run. Not any loop that we have done before. Parts of it were the same, but a nice change of scenary.

Decided that I was gonna try a sweet potato and banana quesadilla. No cheese. Just cooked sweet potato and sauteed bananas. Pretty interesting combo. It was good. Some cinnamon, brown sugar, or something else would of helped. I will have to figure it out for the future. Watched Big Bang Theory for an episode or two. Showered up and bed by 10ish.

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