New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Vermont City Marathon Spectator

May 27th: 6am wakeup. Headed downstairs to find the contintental breakfast. Nothing of that sort. Back to the hotel room to change into running friendly spectator clothes. Green Nike shorts to suppport the marathon and the state of Vermont. Almond Brownie Balance Bar for breakfast. Goupil and I trotted down to the starting line from the hotel. 2.5+ miles (20:20).

Got a spot right next to the starting line to find to say good luck to Josh Ferenc, Justin Fyffe, and Greg Hammet. Gun went off at 8am. Downhill start. We jogged through the backroads to try to get to mile 3 to watch the leaders. Missed them, but they were looping back through Church Street at mile 9.5 or so. We watched the crowds come through. Cheered for Hammet's wife, Jen, as she passed.

Leaders through with Matty P (Matt Pelletier, 2008 Olympic Trials qualifier for the marathon, BAMF with his tattoos and ballerness) in the front and a Kenyan right on him. Watched Ferenc and Hammet come through the spot. All looking smooth. Scooted down to mile 15+ at the top of Battery Street. Matty P put about a minute on the Kenyan in 5 miles. Ferenc made up ground on the guys in front of him. One of the Kenyans dropped at 10. Fyffe not looking too hot, but putting it out there like the animal he is. Ferenc and Hammet looking good. Trotted down to mile 14 to see our ARE teammates. Posted up along the bike path on the railing. Cheered on the crowds of people coming through in nonstop. Saw a guy I met at the Lenox 5k I run a couple weeks ago. Saw Paige Mills and her sister. Saw Jen Hammet. We realized that we were in a great spot because it was a quiet stretch of pavement without much cheering. We jumped through a opening in the fence. I went first and sacrificed my face to a spider web. Ahhh! I did not scream like a girl. Okay, maybe a little. Jogged up to the finish. Watched Matty P finish 1st in 2:21:30. Ferenc finished 4th overall in sub 2:32. Watched the rest come in. Cheered on Jen as she broke 4 hours. Great day for racing and turned out to be a beautiful day. Hung out at the tent for a bit before running back to the hotel with Goupil. 2.5+ miles (21+).

Showered up. Brought our bags down to the car. Decided on getting food right there in Burlington. Stopped at a sports pub for a double hot dog sandwich with meat sauce and onions. Side of sweet tater fries. On the road by 3pm. I made most of the drive with flying colors until the last hour. I was doing everything I could to stay awake by eating everything I had left. Lara Bar, Powerbar energy bites, and a root beer. I veered off the scenic backroad highways of Vermont and Goupil was like we are going off the road. We switched for the last 1+ hour of the drive. Back to NY by 5:45pm.

An actual consistent easy run at 6:15pm. 8.5 miles (63:02). Hot, but felt good to get out there after a long day of running and stopping. I will call in 16 on the day and 76 for the week. Happy with the week. Great workout, tough mountain race, and spectated an amazing marathon venue.

Didn't have much of an appettite so I went with a plain tortilla, a cosmic brownie, and a ginger ale for dinner. Not so much a dinner of champions. Oh well. Street mile in Glens Falls, NY. Fueling right.

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  1. Fun to see you guys on the course! You're a loud cheerer!