New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, May 24, 2012

Smooth Like A Baby's Bottom

May 23rd: 5am wakeup. Another morning that was tough to get going. 5:15am out of bed. Rushed around to get everything ready. Lunch was leftovers so that wasn't time consuming. The cereal eating and bagel preparing were a bit hectic. Made it work by 6am. Work 6am-2:45pm. Pretty easy. Walked down a couple tools. Tool sign-off in the mid-morning to break up the day. Porkchop with pasta. Clif Bar, yogurt and banana. Gatorade to wash it all down.

Home by 3pm. Just chilled out. Watched television. Goupil was home around 4:30pm. I accidently fell asleep on the couch until 5. Goupil woke me up ready to head down to Albany for the workout. I jumped up and changed quickly. On the road at 5:15pm for the 20 minute drive down to UAlbany. Pre-warmup before the team warmup at 5:40pm. Team left without us before we could make it back from our loop. Another loop and a lap on the track to make it 2.5 (17:17 + strides).

Plan for the workout was 4xmile with 400 rest at half marathon pace (5:00-5:10). 6x200 with 200 rest just to get the legs moving fast when they're tired. 5:01 (2:33, 2:28). 5:01 (2:30.xx, 2:30.xx). 5:01 (2:30.xx, 2:30.xx). 5:00 (2:29, 2:31). Felt extremely smooth and relaxed through these intervals. I was a bit surprised after the 4 mile tempo in the middle of the 10 miler yesterday. All the rest was keep between 7:00-7:40 pace. 200s: 34, 34, 34, 32, 32, 31. Legs were toast, but I managed to get in the low 30's. 2.5 mile cooldown (20:36). 11.5 miles on the day. Good day on the track.

Diner with some teammates after a French Dip sandwich. Roast beef with au jus. Steak fries. Chocolate milk. Stuffed. Perfect meal for post workout. Piece of cake for Justin Wood because it is his birthday this week. He couldn't finish it so I pretty much devoured the other half of it. Not done yet. That was pre-dessert. TCBY (The Country's Best Yogurt) with a fraction of the original group after the diner. I was in a healthy mood (I guess) and went with Mountain Blackberry and Orange Sorbet. Topped with blackberriess and sour gummi worms. $5.40. Delicious. The blackberry frozen yogurt with the blackberries. Mmmmm. So friggin good.

Home by 10:15pm. Shower. Iced in bed. Bed by 11pm.