New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Move In Day #2

May 3rd: 5am wakeup. 5:10am out of bed. Tough to get out of bed, but the fact that it was Thursday motivated me. Body was off from not running after work. Frosted Flakes for breakfast. Orange juice with a multivitamin. PB&J with a Clif bar and a banana. Weak lunch. Work 6am-2:30pm. Good day at work. This is because lunch was bought for us by our manager. Veganini. Artichokes, onions, red peppers, spring mix and balsamic vinegrette dressing. Yum. Still ate my PB&J as an appetizer before we had lunch. Clif Bar for dessert. Banana at the end of the day. Saw a fox when I was driving back from work.

Back to the apartment just before 3pm. Out for a tempo 11 mile run at 3:10. Solid run. Weird to get out immediately. Had to poop at 2 miles so I pulled off into the woods quickly. Difficult to get into a relaxing pace, but eventually did. 2 miles 12:16, 5.6 miles 32:59, 7.6 miles 44:30, 9 miles 52:17, 10 miles 57:31, finished up in 62:46. 5:42 pace overal, last two miles in 10:29. Ran in the Kinvara 2's. Felt good. Done by 4:15pm and inside to cool off before the next workout.

Stretch, foam roll, changed up into some moving clothes. Started moving the big stuff over (that included Goupil's mattress, box spring, and the living room couch). The Subie did its thang and hauled everything over with ease. It was interesting to say the least. The bed was fairly easy, but the couch gave us a headache once we hit the doorway of the apartment. We did it, but it was not easy. It almost didn't fit into the new apartment. We made it fit after a few bumps and scraps.

Back to the old apartment to relax and make dinner. Goupil went for his run. Big Bang Theory episode at 8pm. Sat on the futon (my former bed) and watched. Burger with avocado, tomato, sautéed mushrooms, cheddar and mozzarella cheese, peppercorn ranch dressing, and ketchup. Delicious. Sat around for another show.

Finished packing up some odds and ends. Tackled all the food and brought it to the new fridge. Done moving by 11pm. Bed by 12am. Friday morning will be difficult.

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