New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, May 13, 2012


May 12th: 6:45am wakeup. Decided on heading to the race (but just to watch Goupil). Bagel for breakfast. Headed out to Duanesburg for the Jog for Jugs 5k/Half Marathon (Yes, breast cancer awareness race). At the race venue by 8:15am. Goupil registered and warmed up with Nick Webster. I held down the backpacks. A bit windy so the choice of cordorouy shorts was not the best idea. Race went off at 9am. I helped set up the finish line with AREEP (Albany Running Exchange Event Productions). Goupil finished up in 17:37 for the win and $50 bucks. Sweet. He cooled down with a team member and I walked the last mile of the course to stay warm. Out of there by 11ish.

Back to the apartment to eat some food. Wild goose chase to rent Thor from Redbox. The power of the iPhone helped us grab it at the ghetto chopper on route 146. Started watching the movie by 1pm. We decided on The Avengers at 6:10pm. Thor was the final movie I needed to watch. Finished it by 3pm. Run at 3:30ish. 11 miles (74:56). Goupil told me not faster than 7 minute pace. I tried holding back the whole time, but 6:40-6:50 pace felt good. Hot as balls out there. Minimum shade and dehydrated by half way. Hurting towards the end, but my body felt better than my 4 miles the day before.

Back by 5pm. Foam rolled, stretched, and showered up. 3 egg omelett with mushrooms, onions, and peppers whippped up at 5:40pm. Ate it in 4 minutes. Avengers at 6:10pm. Awesome previews. Mind blowing movie! Out just before 9pm.

Back to pound some gatorade and bed by 9:45pm. Apple cider vinegar gargle. Nyquil shot to knock me out once again.

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