New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, May 20, 2012

Bedford Rotary 12K Race Report

May 19th: 6am wakeup. Rolled around in bed while Kimber was already out of bed showering to get ready for the day. Up at 6:20am. Pooped while my water was boiling for my one instant packet of cinnamon and spice oatmeal. Changed up into my running attire and over to Peterborough at 6:50ish to met up with Goupil, Najem and Boj. They were purchasing some Dunkin Donuts and then we realized it would be 5 people in 1 car. Way too crammed. Decided to have Kimber drive us to the race separately. Jammed out to my 4 favorite channels on satelitte radio (mostly hip hop nation).

Arrived at the Bedford High School by 8am. Parked and inside to pick up my number. Beautiful clear day and the sun was shining. Back to the car to change up and get my racing gear organized. Looked for people to warm up with but nobody in site. Headed out at 8:20ish for a 2.5+ (18:23) mile warmup. Ran the last mile of the course to get a preview of what I would be finishing up on for terrain. Found Hammet and Dave Dunham at my turnaround point. Talked race talk with Hammet and we hit up the bathroom inside the school. Stall wide open without a line. Ka-pow! Perfect timing. Back to Kimber's car to throw the singlet and racers on. Strawberry banana Powerbar liquid gel and a couple swigs of Gatorade. Jogged over the start line for some strides and friendly greetings with the competition.

9am start. Bat out of hell. Been racing 5k's lately so I was a bit aggressive the first few miles. I didn't have any splits for any of my miles, but in the front pack through mile 3. Fell off a bit once we hit a couple roller's. Maintained 3rd place from mile 3 to the end. Glanced back at one turn and saw blue/yellow. Moved it in for the last 2 miles to finish in 37:59 on the track. 5:06 pace overall and a freezer pop handed to me immediately after. Hit the spot with the heat in full effect towards the end of the race. A small amount of chaffage on the nipples. Watched others finish up and back to the car to put on half tights. No shirt so I could work on my tan (chaffage was too much for a shirt, no bleeding though). Cooldown 5 miles (34:58) mostly on my own then met up with Hammet, Big George, and Mark Miller as I was returning on my out and back route. 15 miles on the day.

Stopped off inside to grab refreshments (yogurt, banana, bagel, popsicle and water). Check is being sent to me. Sweet, don't know how much. I heard not much, but still cool. Caught up with old college teammate Sam Wood and his girlfriend Abbey for a bit. Officially met Scott McGrath in person. I can put a face to a blog. Sprinted out to the 5k start to watch Goupil and Boj. Goupil ran his shorts off in a solo effort of 16:50.

Kimber and I headed out soon after to make it back to Jaffrey by 1ish. Quick rinser before swinging over to Kimball's for lunch and dessert. Special order hotdog topped with pulled pork (I had to ask because I was in the mood for a chili dog, but no such thing on the menu). Potato salad on the side (not even close to as good as my mom's, but it got the job done). Piece of watermelon to cleanse the palette. Chocolate chocolate (yeah double chocolate) truffle ice cream for afterwards. Mmm. People watched for a while. Lots of motorcyclists.

Back to relax and nap at Kimber's before meeting up with some friends (Goupil, Najem, Tim, and Crystal) at the Keene bars. Pounded a few through the night. Charleston Chew from Cumberland Farms to end the journey. Bed by 1am. Long run planned for Sunday.

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