New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Move-In Day #1

May 2nd: 4:30am wakeup. Out the door for a 3 mile shakeout at 4:40am. Back to make lunch, eat breakfast, shower and to work by 6am. Work 6am-2:30pm. Slow day. Single PB&J for lunch. I did have to pull down a guy (he's like my dad on the jobsite, gives me advice and watches out for me) from a lift because his waist was over the top rail without being tied off above. That was right at the end of the day.

Back to the apartment complex to drop off the security deposit/rent check at the office. Signed the lease and received the keys to the place. Changed up to head to Chen High School for a workout. Waited on Derrick for 20 minutes. During the wait, I spoke with the high school track coach and he said the track was basically full until 5pm. Damn! Too crowded and not ideal. Understandable, but still sucked. Bagged the workout until later in the evening.

Back to the apartment to move stuff from the current apartment to the new one. A couple trips with the Subie brought a bunch of items safely to our new residence. 2.5 hours later, it was 6:45pm and I didn't feel like running. Down day. Workout/tempo run tomorrow. I was kinda bummed, but moving was the #1 priority today.

4 egg omelette with spinach, mushroom and broccoli. Fresh mozzarella cheese and cheddar cheese. Chili and onion powder for seasoning. Ketchup and hot sauce. Big Bang Theory and bed early. Might do another morning run tomorrow.

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