New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, May 13, 2012

Trails? Sweet.

May 13th: 6am woke up. Rolled over and back to bed until 7am. Running in Albany with some team members at 8:30am. Everything bagel with butter for breakfast. Out the door at 7:50am. We thought we had the address correct. I guess there are 2 Madison Avenues in Albany. We found the wrong one. With time to spare, we navigated to Pine Bush (right next to the big Water Tower, couldn't miss it). 10+ miles (75:42). 39:19 first loop and 36:23 second loop. Solid run. Warm out, but great to pop on some trails. Soft terrain was awesome. I didn't know they existed in the Albany area. There were hills and trees. Though, some parts felt like the grass plains of Africa. A little color today on the chest and back. No sunburnt though. Thankfully.

Back to the apartment at 12ish. Showered up and made a 4 egg mushroom, tomato, onion, and pepper omelette with cheddar cheese. Plopped right down on the couch to watch television. Iced the calves and surfed the net. Clif bar for a snack. Updated my blog from the long weekend and continued to relax before heading out for a 2nd run in the evening.

5:15pm finally out the door. Still almost 80 degrees out. 5.5 miles (37:04) to make it 16 on the day and 74 on the week. Solid week for being under the weather and having a 4 mile day. 

Back to stretch, foam roll, ice and watch some television. Cut the hair before showering. Shaved the face to make myself look presentable. Didn't feel like it while I was kicking the cold out of my system. Da Choppa to drop off my Redbox and pick up a few items (cereal, yogurt, bananas, and cheese). Made dinner eventually. Sausage, peppers, onions, and mushrooms. No pasta or bread. Not too hungry so I forced myself to eat some food. Leftovers for lunch tomorrow. Bed by 10pm.

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