New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, May 21, 2012

Best Long Run So Far

May 20th: Not sure what time it was initially. Woke up without an alarm and needing to piss like a racehorse. I was in a room full of complete darkness because there weren't any windows. I thought it was maybe 3am. I reach for my phone and its 6am. Uhh. Emptied myself in the bathroom and upstairs for a glass of water. Back to bed until 8:15ish. Tossed around in bed while I continued to snooze my alarm. Out of bed at 8:45am. Changed out of my undergarments (a pair of running shorts) into a pair of running shorts. Hopped upstairs to grab some kind of fuel for the run. A piece of hearty whole grain bread with butter and another glass of water.

Out the door with Najem and Goupil for Beech Hill 10 from the lakehouse. Worked it up the hills and cruised on the downhill. Finished up at the lakehouse in 73:58 (10.5 miles) and stopped for a glass of water because it was pretty warm out. Back out for another loop by myself (a reverse modified loop of the Swanzey half marathon course). Najem said it was 7-7.5 miles. I started to get into a groove early and was clipping away at the pace. At about 5 miles, someone beeped their horn at me. I was in somewhat of a daze due to the sun, but it ended being Goupil and Najem bearing a gift. A gatorade. Lifesaver! Pounded some of it and was on my way to finish up the loop. I got the best friends. Revived me for the last few miles. Finished the loop in 49:30. Pete Thomas slowed down as he was driving his athletes back from the Monadnock High School and yelled "Slacker!" I let him know I had been out there for an hour and 53 minutes already. He responded with "Good boy." I reached the lakehouse dripping sweet and happy to be done with the run. 2:03:28. Mapped it out (later that night) and it ended up being 18.85. Sweet. 6:33 pace overall for the entire run and the last loop was in 5:55 pace. I was wondering why I felt like I was sweating more. 34 mile weekend to finish the week with 79 miles. Happy with the week and especially the weekend. One solid trail tempo, a speed workout, a great race effort and the best long run of my life (haven't been on too many, but this one is #1 so far). Finished off my Gatorade and showered once I stopped sweating.

Kimber picked Goupil and I up to grab some breakfast at 12pm. I (of course) decided on The Pub in Keene. Pancakes, sausage, overeasy eggs, belgium waffle with whipped cream and strawberries, chocolate milk and an orange juice. Made it through most of it, then hit a wall during the belgium waffle. I had to stop, but it was all so good. Received a complimentt on my RUN FAST shirt that Beeze Tees Screen Printing made (Tim Pipp). Dropped off Goupil at the lakehouse and back to Kimber's to pick up my bags at 1:30pm.

Headed back to Swanzey to drop me off at 5pm. Goupil and I stopped off at Da Choppa to pick up snacks. Tortellini and artichoke pasta salad with a jug of apple strawberry kiwi juice. Finished most of it while we sat in the parking lot. Made our way back to NY at 5:40pm. Made great time and in Clifton Park at 7:50pm. Relaxed the rest of the night and bed by 10pm.

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