New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, May 14, 2012

Almost Bad Timing

May 14th: 5:15 wakeup. Go Lean Crisp for breakfast. Lunch already made because I had leftovers from last night. Sausage, peppers, onions and mushrooms. Work 6-2:30pm. Quick day and no problems at work. Feeling better after the restful weekend.

Home to relax. Switched roles and Goupil was waiting for me at home. He stayed home from work because his eye was swollen shut due to an infection (I shouldn't of pooped on his pillow). Planned run with Derrick at 4:45pm. Changed up in running attire after watching most of Planet of Apes. Opened the side door of the apartment. Pouring buckets. Walked right back inside to wait it out on the couch. Left 30 minutes later when the rain let up.

10+ miles (70:53) with a 5:10 thrown in for mile 8 through Chen High School. Felt good and the rain stayed at a drizzle the entire run. The 70 degree weather helped get us out the door and stay out there in just shorts and a t-shirt.

Back to the apartment to foam roll, stretch, and jump in the shower to get warm. I had Goupil put a sweet potato in when he got back to the apartment (he ran 7 miles today). Sweet potato quesadilla with peach salsa. Hit the spot. Ate half of it. Saved the other half for lunch tomorrow. Bed before 9pm to get lots of sleep for the Bedford Rotary 12k this weekend.  

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