New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, May 29, 2012


May 29th: 5am wakeup. 5:20am out of bed. PB&J and a Nature Valley bar for lunch. Everything bagel with veggie cream cheese for breakfast. Work 6am-2:30pm. Easy day at work. Humid outside. Walked out to the parking lot and immediately started to sweat. Forecast mentioned some thunderstorms from 4pm-5pm. Co-workers mentioned some hail and high winds.

Back to the apartment by 3pm. A couple passing showers on the way home. Sat around and surfed the net. Goupil home around 5pm. We opened the blinds to witness the terror that was happening outside. Downpouring and an extremely dark sky. Our plan was to run with Derrick at 5:30pm. We were gonna wait that out until it let up.

Didn't end up running until 6:45pm. Still in the rain, but no thunder or lightning. 8.5 mile (60:50) loop reverse to mix it up. Almost didn't make it back to the apartment to use the bathroom. The last mile was focused on being extremely relaxed, silent and thinking about anything other than pooping.

I made it. Phew! Stretched, foam rolled, and made a burger for dinner. Simple one tonight. Sweet Baby Ray's BBQ sauce, Texas Pete hot sauce and Vermont cheddar cheese. Still hunger after it disappeared in about 3 minutes. Bowl of Frosted Flakes right after. Iced the calves while watching Big Bang Theory and bed early.

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