New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Burgers Are Bomb

May 1st: 5:00am wakeup. 5:10am out of bed and into the bathroom. Frosted Flakes for breakfast. Chicken with salad for lunch. Work 6am-2:45pm. Another day down. Meeting in the morning for 3 hours. Ouch! Productive or so we thought. Accomplished nothing and more chaos. Rain cleared out in the afternoon and the temperature warmed up a bit.

Home at the apartment by 3ish. No rush to do anything. Wrote my life away in checks between the rent/security deposit and the taxes I have to pay. Officially moving in tomorrow into the new apartment. We have two days. Originally 3 days, but today Goupil wasn't home until after 5pm. Office closes at 5pm. No biggie. Just more rushing around tomorrow. Washed some dishes and scurried out the door by 6pm.

Easy 7.5 miles (52:49). First 3 with Goupil and added on some more. I checked out some side neighborhoods and found a short trail. It was worth it because I spotted a wittle bunny hopping along in the woods. I think that is better than saying "Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit" on the first of the month for good luck. Chyeah buddy! Last mile in 6:19.

Back to stretch, foam roll and immediately start preparing my burger. No tortillas at Da Choppa this past weekend so I settled for oat nut bread. Mushrooms and onions. Cheddar and mozzarella cheese. Ketchup and Texas Pete hot sauce. Always hits the spot. Mmmm. Big Bang Theory. Shower. FaceTime with my sister Sarah. Bed somewhat early. Extra early morning run tomorrow.


  1. Thanks for the article! I would've thought that the at marathon pace long runs would only be for slower paces as mine, but I guess it makes sense across the board. We love Running Times and I have found a lot of useful stuff in it. I can even usually apply it to my slow paced running!

    when are you going to publish a cook book for working runners?

  2. Haha. You're out their running trying to improve. That's all that matters.

    I have a contract in the works with Food Network. I might do the show first, then write a book.