New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Early Morning Run

May 25th: 4:15am wakeup. Out of bed at 4:30am. Hitting pavement at 4:40am for a 3 mile (23:24) morning run. Still dark out. Back to shower. Make breakfast. Lunch already made. Bowl of cereal and a bagel with veggie cream cheese. Work 6am-2:30pm.

Back to the apartment to wash dishes, pack up for the weekend, and clean up a bit. Goupil home at 4:20ish. Left the apartment to make our way to my sister Sarah's place of residence in Leominster, Massachusetts. No traffic along the way and I had change for the toll booths this time. Bam! No 20 dollar bills here. Made it to Sarah's in great time, 2.5 hours.

7:15pm arrival. Bob (Sarah's boyfriend) and Tucker (the new addition to the household) came out and greeted us. Tucker is a 3 month old golden retriever mix (possibly/most likely with hound). Adorable. Sarah got there around 7:45pm from work. Played with Tucker, blasted the beats (played music for you older folk out there reading), made dinner (grilled chicken over some pasta with sauce, cucumber salad) and bed at a decent hour. Goupil and I took Tucker for a walk before winding down for the night to question our platonic relationship we have even more. Plus we shared the guest room bed as shown below. Yep, head to toe.

Wachusett Mountain Race in the morning. Should be a fun one. Losing my mountain race virginity.

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