New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, May 21, 2012

Necessary Nap

May 21st: 5am wakeup. Rough start this morning. Out of bed at 5:15am. Naked. I went to bed like this so it wasn't a surprise. I don't have any clean boxers yet so I didn't feel like sleeping in running shorts. Threw the shorts on to head straight to the bathroom as usual. Oatmeal for breakfast. Made lunch with whatever I had left in the fridge. That consisted onion, tomato, and pasta. Clif bar and Gatorade. Work 6am-2:30pm. Slow day, which isn't a bad thing especially for a Monday.

Back to the apartment to sit my butt on the couch and nothing else. Talked with Kimber for a bit before dozing off around 4:30pm until Goupil got home. He woke me up, but I just fell back asleep until 5:40pm. The nap was unplanned, but totally necesary to function the rest of the evening. Goupil woke me up to bring me to the grocery store for food shopping. Waited to run after all the rain and errands were done.

Out to door at 6:45pm for the 8.5 mile Evergreen loop. 60:13. Kept it easy through the drizzle. Good recovery run and legs were still sore. A rewarding sore though. Let's me know I ran hard and far this past weekend. Back to stretch, foam roll, make dinner, and a protein shake. I felt like a true man eating my burger (tortilla with onions, hot sauce, cheddar cheese and ketchup) and drinking my whey protein in front of the television. Except I was just in my split running shorts and waiting for 2 Broke Girls to start. Showered before the episode started and on the couch to ice to shins/calves. Bed before 10pm.

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