New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Race Report: Read Write Run 5K & Home

May 5th: 6am wakeup. A bit groggy from the less than normal sleeping hours the past few days. Pooped, packed up race and weekend clothes for home, and made oatmeal. Added my New Hampshire maple syrup that I won at the Fast Friends 4.5 miler and some sugar. Ate on the couch. No TV. Played some Words With Friends on my iPhone. I am lucky I got it because it provides me a form of entertainment with the lack of cable/internet.

Out the door at 7am. Stopped for gas in Clifton Park. Slipped my mind that I was taking 90. Stopped at a bank to grab money. Paid my 85 cent toll with a 20 dollar bill. Yeah, I'm that guy.

Arrived at the race venue by 8:10am. Met my sister Sarah in the parking lot. Picked up my number inside the school and out for a warmup by 8:30am. Quick hello to Josh Merlis (captain and president of ARE Productions and the sponsor of the racing team) and introduced my sister. 2 miles (15:53) with Sarah. Bathroom break at the school. Single stall bathroom. No line. Noticed the toilet was clogged. Used it anyways and unclogged it afterwards. Changed at the car into the Kinvara 2's and my ARE singlet. Powerbar strawberry banana gel.

Jogged over to the starting line with Sarah. Scoped out the competition. Didn't look like too much. 9am start and off with a downhill start out to the main road. A guy latched onto me for the 1st mile in 5:07. Dropped off soon after. Out and back course so I could tell where everyone was at the turnaround at the monument. Solid lead and an overall downhill second half of the race. 2 miles 10:29. High fived Sarah as I passed by her. 3 miles 15:13. Finished up in 15:40.

Jogged back a few minutes immediately to cheer on Sarah. Met her at the finish line to throw on a couple layers and out for a cooldown. 2.5 miles (20:00). Back for the awards ceremony. 1st male and 3rd female overall. Woohoo! More cooldown after. 2.5 miles (20:00). Changed into dry clothes before heading out to Lee for breakfast at around 11am.

We were torn between 2 breakfast places. Starving Artist Creperie and Cafe or Otto's Breakfast and Deli. We passed by Otto's and stepped into the Starving Artist. Checked out the menu and Sarah was in the mood for an omelette. So we decided to split a crepe. OMG. It melted in my mouth. I had to put my fork and knife down after each bite so I wouldn't inhhale it. If people know how I eat, that is very unlike me. Done in about 5 minutes and scooted over to Otto's for the main course. We felt like we earned it. Texas toast style French toast with a layer cream cheese filling and freshh strawberries. Real maple syrup. Chocolate milk. Serious sausage links that were not those processed breakfast sausages. Finished mine. Sarah ate most of her omelette. I cleaned up the last 1/4 of it and the homefries.

Walked down main street to enjoy the weather and not hop in the car for the 2 hour car rides home. Stopped off at Da Choppa in Lee to purchase a few snacks. Ended up with raspberries, a pear, circle saltine crackers (sample lady convinced me and they were on sale), and a pack of gum. Departed for Newtown just after 1pm.

Newtown just after 3pm. In no time, I was splitting wood with my Dad in the front yard (still in my running shorts and everything). Luckily, there was a wood splitter to do most of work. Relaxed after before a 4 mile (29:44) shakeout at 6pm. Homemade pizza with sliced baby bella mushrooms, chopped vidalla onions, baby spinach, and fresh ricotta. Mmm. Can't beat it. 5 pieces later I was stuffed and ready for some more relaxing. Uncle Davey stopped by with a from scratch peach/raspberry pie. Mom and Davey camped out on the deck. I did a load of laundry and bed at a decent hour to rest up for Kimber's half marathon tomorrow (Sunday).

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