New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Easy Day All Around

May 30th: 5:15am wakeup. Out of bed to make a double decker PB&J. Didn't fit in the sandwich bag (didn't feel like washing the tupperware) so I used the small snack bag as a top to the sandwich bag. Worked like a charm. Bagel with cream cheese for the car ride. Work 6am-2:30pm. Nothing special. Home by 3pm. Decided to hook up the Nintendo Wii and play my Zelda game for the first time (I received it as a gift for Christmas). Played for a couple hours. Talked with my mom and sister, Katie, for a while. Goupil home at 5:10pm.

Headed down to Albany for the workout. I just headed down to do an easy run before the half marathon this weekend in Kansas City, Missouri (Hospital Hill Half). 8.5+ miles (65:12) with 5x200 in 34-35. 10 on the day. Ran through the trails in Albany with Treadway and Josh (two teammates that are going to the 1/2 marathon this weekend). Good run.

TCBY (The Country's Best Yogurt for people just tuning in) for Mountain Blackberry with kiwi and blackberries. One brownie bite. A handful of chocolate chips. Home by 8:15pm. Sat in front of the tv for a bit before showering and heading to bed at a decent hour. I did have a homemade brownie (from my mom, extra fudgy, extra delicious) and a protein shake before bed. No real dinner. Oops.

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