New Bedford

New Bedford

Saturday, June 2, 2012

Travel to Kansas City, Missouri

June 1st: 5:50am wakeup. Felt good to sleep in a bit and not have to worry about going to work. Bathroom first thing. Two everything bagels with cream cheese for breakfast. Packed the bag. Goupil up at 6:35ish. Continued to pack and write 3 checks for rent, the Kansas City trip and cable/electric. Ate a freezer pop. Out the door at 7:15am. Dropped off the checks at the office. Down to Albany to met at Josh's house to carpool to the airport. Marcus was our chauffeur for the morning.

At the airport just before 8am. 9:10am flight. This was my first flight without parental supervision. I had a carryon and a duffle bag. I thought we would be getting one bag to check in free of charge. Nope. So just brought the two bags onto the plane. First I must make it through security. I knew there were a few items I was going to lose without question. Bags through and of course they wanted to search my bag once it made it through. Things that were taken out to be rescanned: vaseline, shaving cream, toothpaste, deodorant, and the two massage sticks I had. The two security women kinda were stumped and what exactly they were. I let them know they were for massaging/stretching because I am runner heading down to Missouri for a race. The deodorant was given back to me and the sticks. No dice on the toothpaste, vaseline or the shaving cream (aerosol can). Oh well. I am gonna have bad breath, chaffing and a scruffy face.

Puddle jumper to Baltimore, Maryland. Hour flight runway to runway. Layover. In the airport at 10:30ish. Waited until 11:10 to grab lunch. Subway. Italian BMT. Boarded our second flight at 11:50am to Kansas City, Missouri. Napped the first 30 minutes or so. Ginger ale and iPhone games. Another nap in there. Landed before 2pm. Picked up by Joe Benny in a rent-a-car.

Hotel at 2:45pm. Shakeout 4 miles (29:20) with the team at 3:10pm. Elite team meeting with the other teams from 4-5:30. This included both the meeting and a 15 passenger van course tour. Helped a ton to preview the course beforehand. Some definite climbs throughout the entire course, but nice downhills to follow most of them. Once we finished, we popped in to pick up our bib numbers at the expo. Changed up and hit up Milano for our free pasta dinner buffet. Delicious whole wheat penne and some sautéed veggies on the side. Two helpings. Bread and lots of water. Met the race director that set us up for the whole weekend. Chatted a bit and back to the hotel by 7ish.

Back to just relax and get ready for the early morning start of the 7am half marathon race. Planned 4:45am wakeup. Forrest Gump, shower, and sticked the legs. Bed by 9:30pm.

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