New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, June 7, 2012

One Step Ahead

June 5th: 5:15am wakeup. Rushed around for another day in a row. Still managed to make a lunch with all the essentials. Bumped it up a notch and created a triple (yeah, triple) decker PB&J. That's 4 slices of bread. Work 6-2:30pm. 11am meeting to break up the day.

Home to the apartment by 3pm. Hung out for a while. Washed some dishes. Goupil home to play videogames. I became proactive and made my dinner before the run. Finally out for a run just before 6pm. 11+ miles (76:16) with 3 miles of it on the Kinns Road Trails. Relaxing run and we started to cruise the last few miles. Last mile in 6:30. Calves still sore for sure.

Back to foam roll, stick the calves and eat my dinner. I made a tupperware full of burrito mix. Brown rice, black beans, green peppers, onions, mushrooms, and tomato. A couple of spoonfuls in a tortilla with mozzarella and cheddar cheese. Sliced fresh avocado. Pineapple salsa. Mmm. Leftover mix for the week for lunches. The idea of making a batch of burrito mix is not mine. Goupil started it. He has his own twist to the burrito mix. I still need to perfect mine.

Bed at a decent hour.

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