New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Arrival of The Parents

June 23rd: 9am wakeup. Felt great to sleep in. Alarm went off at 8am, but I had no problem turning it off. Talked with my mom to see when she would be arriving. 12:30ish so I had some time. Decided to head over to the Kinns Road Park for a secluded trail run in the shade. Ran around and did some serious exploring by getting lost. Worked out well and put me at 6 miles (44:34). Good with the 10 miler on Sunday.

Drove back to my apartment to begin cleaning/organizing/laundry. Started with breakfast. Finished my Wheat Chex (with the addition of maple syrup). Washed some dishes. Cleaned my room. When I showered, I sprayed the tub with Clorox bleach so I could scrub before I got in there. Cleaned the toilet. Wiped down the sink. Threw in a load of laundry (towels and sheets). Put the line of recyclables into two garbage bags. Windexed the bathroom mirror and the sink (my mom would be proud). Organized the living/stretching room. Folded blankets. Removed all the dirty running clothes. Organized the shoe rack. It was a productive cleaning session that was totally necessary.

I realized after some research that online registration was closed and I had to drive to Lake George to register between 5pm-7pm. My parents arrived at 2:30pm. Gave them the tour of the apartment. Ate the last of my eggplant parm. They were proud of my cooking and devoured it. Chilled out until 3:30ish before heading up to Lake George.

Arrived at 4:15pm. Walked around before hitting up registration. No line and no problems. Walked along the water to check out the scenary and enjoy the stellar weather.

Made the final decision to head back to Clifton Park for dinner after not wanting to eat the main drag food of Lake George. Ended up at the Pasta Pane (my original choice, but my mom thought it was a franchise). Turned out for the better. 3 course meal. Fried calamari (first time having it and it was delicious, lightly breaded). Rigatoni and a single serving cheese pizza pie. Mmm. Vanilla gelato and Italian donuts. Combined the flavors. Bomb! Stuffed, but not overstuffed.

Walked off dinner by walking over to Price Chopper to get a redbox. I decided on 50/50. Back to the apartment by 9ish to set up everyone's sleeping quarters and gather my race day attire. Started the movie at 9:30pm. Great movie, but a real tear jerker. I'll admit that I was sniffling a bunch and sporing the full own waterworks at times. A solid cleansing before the 10 mile race (Adirondack Distance Run).

Bed by 12am to wake up at 5am for the 7:30am start. Gonna be a beautiful day.

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