New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Double Whammy!

June 27th: 5:30am wakeup. 3+ mile (NT) shakeout with Goupil. Back to stretch and eat breakfast. Fruit Blend (Raspberry and Peach) with the local milk. Delicious. Work 7:25am-3:55pm. Easy day at work and things went smoothly. A couple meetings to break up the day.

Home by 4:20ish. Chilled for a bit. Changed up early for the workout to get it out of the way. My runningwarhouse package came into today. I ordered Nike Matumbos for Goupil because I borrowed his for the Umass Lowell 2 mile and one of them was spiked. I also bought a pair of CEP compression socks. Before ordering them, I needed to measure my calf muscle. I used my iPhone USB cable to get the circumference of the largest part of my calf. I lined up the USB cable next to one of my Sanuks (I know my size 10 shoes are roughly 12 inches). It was a couple inches longer so I went with size 3 (12-15 inches). Worked out perfect because I am that awesome.

Tossed those on and headed out for the workout with Goupil at 5:20pm. Arrived with time to spare. Warmup at 5:50pm. 2.5 mile (17:30) + strides. Workout was Goupil's idea. 2x200, 2x400, 1x800, 1x1600, 4x200 (fast). 36, 35, 71, 72, 2:27. Felt smooth through all these intervals. Weather was wayyy better than last week and the compression socks were working wonders. Only 400 rest in 1:47 before the 1600. I cruised through in 2:30, then I wasn't feeling it. Finished in 5:03. The goal was sub 5. Oh well. 4x200, 33, 32, 30, 29. 2.5+ mile (19:12). A mile on the roads and another 1.5 on the grass football field. 10 for the evening and 13 on the day. Great start to the week.

The team decided on Five Guys for post workout food. I haven't been there in a while. Regular (double patty) cheeseburger with grilled onions, grilled mushrooms, ketchup, mayo, BBQ sauce, and hot sauce. Mmm. The best part was the fountain drink machine. Touch screen and anything you wanted. I was overly excited. I went with vanilla Barq's rootbeer as my first drink. Next, I went with raspberry Sprite. Yeah I said it. I wanted to go with lime Coke after but we moved on next door to TCBY. I was full, but never too full for TCBY. I went all out and piled in 8+ dollars (new record) of strawberry and mountain blackberry frozen yogurt topped with raspberries, blackberries, kiwi, mango pellets (tapioca shell with mango juice), sour gummy worms, and milk chocolate chips. Bam! Ate it all up with ease.

Home by 9pm. Stretched. Sat on the couch while Goupil was showering. He headed straight to bed. I got comfortable (not good). Started watching Forgetting Sarah Marshall (great movie) and then Kimber called. I accidently feel asleep while on the phon with here. I woke up and got off the phone. Didn't move a muscle and passed out for an hour. Woke up around 11:40pm and popped into the shower. Bed by 12am. Too late, but I luckily don't work too early.

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