New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, June 18, 2012

Long Run In Latham

June 17th: 7:00am wakeup. Bathroom. Pooped out my Chinese food. Oatmeal for breakfast. No bowls left so I used a mug. Maple syrup and a splash of milk. Changed up and got everything together for the long run. A Clif Bar raspberry energy gel, peach iced tea in a Nalgene and a change of clothes. Left the apartment just before 8am to make the trip down to Latham.

Arrived at his house by 8:12ish. Greeted by Connor at the glass door. Out the door at 8:20am for the 18 mile "loop." It was great to run somewhere different and with somebody other than Goupil (no offense). A couple of urine breaks in the first 7 miles. Relaxed pace just over 7s for the first 12 miles. A bunch of side neighborhood loops or out and backs. Mixed up the run very nicely. Conversation the whole time to pass the time until the last 6 miles when we started the paced miles at 6s. Last 6 miles (roughly, give or take a second or two): 5:59, 6:02, 5:55, 5:57, 5:56, 5:51. 35:42 for the last 6 miles and 1:59:47 total time for the 18 miles. 6:39 pace overall. We ended at The Crossings where Tom's son Connor was running a kid's fun run. AREEP (Albany Running Exchange Event Productions) was timing the 5k. Saw some teammates. Refreshments table was calling my name. Diet Snapple and a sugar free Redbull. Both downed in seconds. The weather stayed cool for most of the run until the last couple miles. The liquids were definitely necessary. A indivdual Twizzler and a piece of Dubble Bubble. Hung out for a bit then back to Tom's house for a glass of water.

Back to my apartment by 12:30ish. Decided on watching a Netflix movie. Ended up watching The Vicious Kind after careful research. Adam Scott (the older brother from Step Brothers) was the main character. It was pretty intense. Another good selection on my part. Finished off my Chinese food at 2:15ish. Cold pork lo mein and crab ragoon. Mmmm. Showered up. Called up my laundromat and asked about the hours. He said late, don't worry. Okay dokey. Sounds like a plan.

Headed to the laundromat at 4:30pm. 4 decent loads and still had a load that I left at the apartment. Listened to Pandora and folded all my laundry. Stopped off at TJ Maxx/Homegoods to check for any good deals. Walked out with spicy ketchup and raspberry granola. Gift card swiped. Ka-pow!

Back to the apartment to relax for a while before making a burger for dinner. Tried out the new ketchup. Definitely added to the burger. Portella mushrooms, carmelized onions, and fresh tomato. Full stomach and began attacking my room for a couple hours before bed. Organized all of my clothes and put everything away. Windexed my floor lamp. A productive day. I almost forgot it was Sunday and thought about what I was gonna do the next day. Nevermind. Work it is, but start time is later. Sweetness!

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