New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

ADIR Distance Run Race Report + More

June 24th: 4:55am wakeup. Ughh. Out of bed. Immediately started to make breakfast. Boil some water for oatmeal. Mom ripped open the bathroom door to greet me with lots of questions and loudness. My eyes were still half closed. Oatmeal made with maple syrup and milk. Changed up and gathered everything for the race. Left at 5:30am.

Arrived in Lake George at 6:15am. Joe Benny greeted us and told us the best parking spot for my parents to be able to make it to the finish line (10 miles away because it was a point A to point B course). Used the port-o-potty first thing. Back to the car to situate everything. Warmup at 6:50am. 2 miles (15+ with a bathroom break in the woods). Almost attacked by a dog. Back to the car to change into flats (the new Streaks), jersey on, and take a Clif Bar energy shot. To the starting line at 7:20am for strides and scope out the competition. A Fleet Feet guy and some other kid.

7:30am start. A quick neighborhood loop and onto route 9. A slight right onto route 9N at a 1/2 mile to remain on this road for the rest of the race. Hung out with the two guys for the first two miles. 5:19, 10:50. Too slow so I decided to take the lead and not look back. Started dropping 5:05s-5:10s for the next 5 miles. 16:00 at 3 miles, 21:07 at 4 miles, and 26:19 at 5 miles and a 30 second lead (my dad let me know). 7 miles I think was 36:40. Relaxed from mile 7 to 9. 9 miles in 47:25. Finished up strong in a time of 52:39. Even splits and won by over a minute. Happy with the race and the consistent effort. Rolling hills through the entire course and with nice downhill sections. Beautiful course and great weather. The lead bicyclist was keeping me motivated as well (he let me know I had great moral support because my parents stopped and cheered for me at mile 5 and 7). Cooldown with Tom O'Grady 4++ miles (34:58). 16+ miles on the day and 71 miles for the week. 78 miles last week. Solid two weeks after a a down week after the Kansas City Half Marathon. 4th of July Firecracker in Saratoga and Boilmaker on July 8th are the next two races. Feeling strong and fresh.

Soaked my feet for a 5 minutes before the awards ceremony. A foldable chair and a bouquet of flowers (I gave them to Goupil as a welcome home present). Not ideal, but its cool. This was a Adirondack Grand Prix race so it gave me 10 points. Went for a swim in Lake George for 20 minutes or so after to work out some lactic acid.

Headed across the street to breakfast with the parents. A couple pastries. Italian soda. French toast with shredded almonds. All so good. Did some window shopping along the main strip and made it back to Clifton Park by 2:30pm. Chilled out for a bit. Parents headed out around 3ish.

Relaxed hardcore for the rest of the day. A bunch of television watching. movie return had to be completed. I felt bad driving the quarter mile to Hannaford's to drop it off. I decided to walk. It was good for the legs. Ended up grabbing a couple things. Bread pan, Snyder pretzels, and Stonyfield yogurt. Home to relax. Goupil was home by this time (8:15ish) and we caught up on the week. Leftover pizza for dinner. Saved a couple pieces for lunch the next day. Bed at a decent hour to start the week off right with a morning shakeout.

Oh and I cut my finger washing dinners on Saturday morning. It sucked and you realize how much you use your thumb when you have a cut at the end of it. Also, flies swarming the back of your head and hitting the back of the upper arms has to be the most annoying thing on a run. I don't know how cows and other animals do it. I get so frustrated and start to run through tree branches to try to slow them down. It never works.

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