New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Waking and Baking

June 28th: 6:20am wakeup. Bowl of cereal for breakfast. Double decker PB&Nutella sandwich (my mom brought me two things of Nutella, chyeahhhh!) for lunch. Homemade brownie (from my mom as well). Other goodies. Work 7:30am-4pm.

Home by 4:15pm. I already had a plan to not run until later. It was a little warm and I wanted to do some baking. So I put away some dishes before making some banana bread. I had 4 overly ripened bananas and the rest of the necessary ingredients. Grabbed the recipe from Prepared the mix (added in an extra totally essential ingredient) and tossed it in the oven for an hour at 350 degrees (5pm). Done just before 6pm. Cooled off for 20 minutes and slid right out the pan. Cut off a slice for a prerun snack/fuel with a thin layer of butter. Mmmmm.

Out the door at 6:30pm for a relaxing recovery run. 9++ miles (64:25). Solid run. Back by 7:30pm. Lots of foam rolling. Stretching. Protein shake. Sat on the couch and iced for about an hour. Nothing really for dinner. Leftover Italian donuts from this past weekend. Heated them up in the microwave. Olympic Trials 9-11. Donn Cabral makes it to London in the steeplechase! Bed after watching.

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