New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, June 5, 2012


June 3rd: 6am wakeup. Dying of thirst. Pounded some water. Pounded some Gatorade. Back to bed until 8:20am. Up to use the bathroom. Organized and packed up the bag. Down in teh lobby by 9:20am. Airport by 10am for our 10:55am flight. Made it through security with no speed bumps or anything. Checked in a bag (realized that I could check one for free). Anthony (teammate) and I got breakfast at Quizno's. Ham, egg, and cheese. It was alright and soaked up some of the hangover.

Boarded before 11am. Short flight to Chicago. Windy city did a nummber on Anthony and he ended up tossing the Quizno's into a barf bag. Didn't even notice. I was looking out the window. Landed and we had a 1.5 hour layover. Lunch at one of the airport restaurants. Steak sandwich with carmelized onions. Another okay meal. Boarded the plan before 1:30pm. Landed in Albany by 4:30pm. Napped a few times on the flight. A couple ginger ales to settle the stomach. Peach rings, airplane peanuts, and a wad of Big League Chew at the end of the flight as we made our descent. Dropped off at Josh's house by Anthony's girlfriend.

Back to the apartment in Clifton Park by 5:30pm. Shakeout 4++ miles at 7pm. Wow, my calves were sore. Not a bad thing especially since I'm not racing until the end of June. Quesadilla for dinner. Iced my calves. Showered. Bed at a decent hour. Out like a light.

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