New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Ketchup Is My Middle Name

June 19th: 6:30am wakeup. Bowl of Wheat Chex with maple syrup (no, not substituted for milk). I liquidated the two milk containers in the refrigerator. Both from last week. One was Goupil's and for some reason it almost completely frozen. It got the job done for my cereal this morning is all that matter. No chunks and didn't taste bad.

Work 7:30am-4pm. A very productive day in tool sign-off because I had the ability to focus on tools for a day. Catch up on any paperwork and sent out the necessary emails to tool owners and HACs (hook-up area coordinator).

Out of work to make the drive back to Clifton Park. I decided that tonight was the night I was gonna make the full effort at eggplant parmesan. I had never made it before so I didn't really know what I needed. The iPhone came to the rescue and I looked up a recipe on Google. Clicked on the first one from I picked up breadcrumbs (garlic and herb), all purpose flour, shredded parmesean in the bag, milk (since I had finished it off this morning), a second eggplant, and a 28 ounce jar of peeled tomatoes.

Back to my apartment by 5pm to jump right into preparing the dinner dish to have it ready to toss in the oven after my run. I cut up the two eggplants fairly thin (though not paper thin). Washed two frying pans and put olive oil in them. Medium heat. Made a breadcrumb/flour bath and an egg bath. Dumped the peeled tomatoes into a bowl and added salt, pepper, a splash of olive oil, and garlic salt (a decent amount). Taste tested it. Mmmm. Started with the dry bath then the wet bath. Cooked about 8 pieces at a time between the two pans. Laid them out on paper towel. Here begins the layering. The hard work is over. A layer of sauce, eggplants (slightly overlapping), a sprinkle of parmesean and mozzarella (preshredded in the bag), another layer of eggplant, sauce, cheeses, eggplant, etc. I think I did about 4 layers and ended with sauce and cheese. Covered it with tin foil and put it in the fridge. Prep time: approximately 45 minutes. Clean up was a little crazy, but it gave me a chance to catch up on serious dishes.

Changed up for my run and out the door at 6:45pm. I mapped out my run after and was surprised. So surprised, I mapped it out again to make sure. 9.9 miles (60:04). Last mile in sub 6. I had a planned route and altered it a bit through the run. I warmed up 2 miles (13:48). 3 minutes on, 1 minute off. For 6 sets. Jogged off about a mile and brought it in for the last couple miles. I was expecting 9+ miles, but basically got 10 in. Sweet deal.

Back to the apartment at 7:45pm. Preheated the oven. Stretched while it was preheating. Put the dish in the oven once it was preheated. Iced and watched Big Bang Theory for about 30 minutes while it cooked for at 350 degrees. Took it out with the cheese melted and slightly browned. Let it cool on the stovetop for above 10 minutes. Cooked up some spaghetti. Not gonna lie, it was ridiculously good. For not making it before, it came out pretty f****n bomb. The recipe says it serves 8. I limited myself to one of the 8 pieces, but 8 servings is only if you are a b***h. Sorry for the swearing, but I am pumped for my eggplant. Divided the rest into Pyrex and tupperware for leftovers. Freezed three pieces so my parents can try it this weekend.

Talked with my parents and Kimber before bed at 10:30pm. Workout tomorrow in Albany. Hyrdate like crazy with the heat. Morning run for a shakeout. All caught up with everything and feeling good. Hopefully the weather isn't too terrible around 6:30pm tomorrow.

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