New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Hours @ Work

June 18th: 6:15am wakeup? Awww yeah. I didn't shave over the weekend so I popped right into the shower (obviously after I completed the first S). Worked up a appetite while shaving my face. Boiled up some water to make oatmeal. I didn't have any bowls so I used a mug for my oatmeal, with maple syrup of course). I was able to enjoy it slowly in front of the television instead of shoveling it in my face while I make my lunch. I like these later hours already. I even lotioned up the body and put deodorant on. Left for work at 7am.

Work 7:20-3:50pm. Solid day with tool sign-offs and safety walks. Didn't feel long at all because it was still only an 8 hour day. Lunch was a single decker PB&J, Nutrigrain bar, and a Nature Valley bar.

Stopped off at Da Choppa because I didn't over the weekend. Picked up yogurt, cereal (apple cinnamon Cherrios and wheat Chex), mozzarella cheese, and a few bananas.

Back to the apartment by 4:30ish. I wasn't in any rush to run so I sat down on the couch. I did have a bowl of cereal (Go Lean Crisp and Frosted Flakes together) in a glass because I hadn't done dishes yet. No bowls. Living like a true slacker. The eating followed by laying down on the couch might of been a mistake. Told myself 5:30pm was the time I was gonna run. Feel asleep until 6pm. Woke up and dozed off again until 6:30pm. I received a text from Kimber and that woke me up.

Forced myself up and out the door at 6:45pm. Exploration run but only for 9+ miles (62:05). Found the connection of some trails to the side neighborhood roads. Woohoo!

Back to stretch, foam roll, start making dinner. Sautéed onions, portabella mushrooms, green peppers and tomato. Chicken marinated in chicken rub, italian dressing, balsamic vinaigrette dressing, chili powder and hot sauce. Egg noodles. Mozzarellla cheese. Enough for two servings. Leftovers for lunch. Wolfed it down at 8:30pm in front of television.

Talked with Kimber on the phone for a while. Skyped with her. Showered up before heading to bed. Talked with Kimber some more before passing out just after 11pm. Late night, but worth it because I was conversing with my awesome girlfriend :)

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