New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, June 7, 2012

The Case Of The Mondays

June 4th: 5:20am wakeup. Rushed around to get ready for work. Double decker PB&J and a Nature Valley Bar for lunch. Airplane/Postrace snacks for break. Work 6am-2:30pm. Just a long day after all of the traveling from the weekend. Day dragged on at times and it was hectic for some of the day. Things were sorted out, I guess.

Stopped off at Da Choppa for some serious grocery shopping. Even with the weekend away this upcoming weekend to Portsmouth (NH) with Kimber, I still managed to spend 65 bucks. Some items I stocked up on because they were on sale or non-perishable. Kashi Go Lean Crisp was on sale so I bought 3 boxes. I grabbed two things of salsa (peach and pineapple) because I tend to run out of it at the worst times. Lots of veggies because I feel like I haven't been eating super healthy the last couple weeks. A nice juicy steak from the butcher. Picked up toothpaste and shaving cream because that shiznit was taken from me at the airport.

Back to the apartment to put away the groceries and relax in front of the television. Goupil called to let me know we were running with Derrick at 4:30pm. He never showed. Did the normal loop in reverse and added on through the Evergreen neighborhoods. 9.5 miles (67:52). Stopped at one point to stretch my calves because my soleuses were on fire.

Back to stretch, ice quickly and head out to Albany for Tom O'Grady's birthday at 7pm. Wolf 1-11 on 111 Wolf Road (original name, right?). Chili burger with sweet potato fries and a Woodchuck Cider. Hung out from 7pm-9pm. Tom has a son, Connor, that is friggin awesome. Played with him at the end by chasing him around, picking him up, and flipping him around. He's a ball of energy. Tom's buddy had plans of hitting other bars so we joined him for the 1st one with the rest of the guys. Grabbed a beer. Hung out for a while. Home by 11ish. Bed by 11:30pm. Long day, but fun all around. Worth staying out past the normal bedtime.

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