New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Olympic Trials

June 22nd: 6am wakeup. Snooze til 6:15am. Out the door for a morning shakeout of 3 miles (22:39). Felt good. Back to shower and get ready for work. Work 7:45am-4:15pm. Things scheduled later in the day. Lots of tool sign-offs that helped move the Friday right along.

Home by 4:30ish. Out for another run at 5pm. 7 miles (49:50). Another good run. Almost got lost, but I didn't because I have a keen sense of direction.

Back to Facetime for a little bit with my Dad. Showered up and headed out to a teammate's house for the Olympics Trials at 7pm. Veggie pizza and Dr. Pepper. Almost drank the 2 liter bottle by myself. I don't drink soda that often. Friendly conversation. Watched the 2 hours of Trials (10k's were baller) and back by 11:30pm. Bed at a decent hour to sleep in on a Saturday and tidy up for my parents arrival for the weekend.

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