New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Solo Run With Derrick

March 1st: 5am wakeup. Felt refreshed with the 8+ hours of sleep. Finished off my cereal for breakfast (Honey Bunches of Oats). Double decker peanut butter and jelly for lunch. Out the door at 5:33am, but on the road at 5:38am. Car covered with wet friggin snow. Roads were terrible the whole way especially on the highway. High speed of 45mph. Still made it to work by 6:04am. Slow day because a bunch of contractors called out due to the conditions. Out the door at 2:30pm. Home to just sit down until Goupil rolled in the door at 4:15pm.

Met up with Derrick for the normal loop. Goupil had to bail after a mile or so because of his knee. Just Derrick and I. Nonstop conversation the whole way. Good run with clear roads. We split and I made a last minute decision to do a paced mile on the 2 mile Chen High School sidewalk course. Legs felt the race from Sunday, but I pushed through it. 4:58 (73, 77, 74, 74). 10 miles (68:40).

Back to foam roll and ice. Prepped my dinner before showering. Marinated some chicken in Italian dressing, chili powder, and Texas Pete hot sauce. Chopped up red peppers and avocados. Showered. 3 sets of 15 calf raises. Made my sandwich in time for Big Bang Theory. Toasted the sub roll with the cheddar cheese on it to melt it. Threw in the shredded mozzarella cheese with the veggies to melt it. Constructed the sandwich and on the couch to watch the new episode.

Bed early to ready myself for the weekend.

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