New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


March 20th: 4:40am wakeup. Rolled out of bed. Made my lunch to get that out of the way. Breakfast was a bowl of cereal with a tall glass of orange juice. Got dressed. Filled my car with power steering fluid. Work 6am-2:30pm. Normal day. Home to relax. Talked with my mom for a bit. Called up Pete Thomas (colleg coach) as well. Gave me the advice to hold off on the spring marathon and run my next one in the fall. Thought about it and it makes sense. He said I should lower my times in the 5k, 10k, and 10 miler first before attacking another marathon. I agreed and relayed the information to Goupil. Changed up for a run. Decided to go shirtless for the run. Goupil home at 4:45pm.

Out the door at 5ish for 10 miles (72:00). Expecting more people to be shouting at us or beeping horns at us. It happened. At around 7 miles, some middle school or high school kids on a porch with their mom made the terrible decision to "Woo woo!" at us. I had a few choice words for them plus a certain finger. They yelled at us again. Idiots! I had a slightly more vulgar comment to exclaim to them and continued on with our run. Pumped me up a bit. It was actually my first true time that I responded back to the verbal abuse us runners receive on a daily basis from the non-running community.

Back to stretch, foam roll, and drink a protein shake. Called up my dad and ended conversing with him about everything (mostly running and my next possible phone). 77+ minutes later the conversation ended. It was nice to catch up with him since I haven't seen him since I left for NY on Janaury 8th. Showered and dinner preparation. Sweet apple chicken sausage sandwiches with sautéed red peppers, tomatoes, and melted cheese. Sooooo good! Tall glass of milk. Big Bang Theory and much earlier than yesterday.

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  1. You've already run one and you're in the zone. I think you should strike while the iron's hot. Do the marathon. You might not be as fit or as motivated in the fall. Just my 2 cents. I respect Pete's opinion, but sometimes life happens when you are no longer in the controlled college environment.