New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Pancake Run @ Joe Benny's

March 11th: 6:45am wakeup. More like 5:45am because of daylight savings. Can't sleep in. Oh well. Oatmeal with sugar and maple syrup. Changed up for the long run of 15 miles in Albany. It's called the Pancake Run and it happens a couple times a year. Starts at Joe Benny's house and anywhere from 30 to 80 people show up to run. There's a 7.5 mile loop that people can cut short to make 4 miles, cut short on the 2nd loop to make 12 miles, or double up to make it the full 15 miles. Tons of food (blueberry or plain pancakes, sausage links, pastries, donuts, and other breakfast items) and drinks (Gatorade, chocolate milk, orange juice or water) for afterwards.

Started at 8:30am. Huge crowd of people on the street. Everyone at different speeds. Finally thinned out around 1.5 miles and started to cruise. Just an awesome run overall. 15 miles (1:39:32). First loop 52:14. Second loop 47:18. Started rolling the last 4 miles or so (sub 6 eventually). Beautiful day out. The best thing was to come back to delicious food and people enjoying the exact same thing I enjoy, running. Relaxed and chatted with the group for over an hour.

Back to Clifton Park to just relax after a 77 mile week of pure work. Solid workout, tough win in a race, and an amazing long run with the new team. New Bedford in a week.

Made egg salad for dinner and lunch tomorrow. Watched Jack and Jill. Bed early.

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