New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, March 4, 2012

Long Day

March 3rd: 6:30am wakeup. Tried going to back to sleep, but the sausage, egg, red pepper and avocado sub from the night before was telling me otherwise. Up at 7:15am to use the bathroom. Chilled in the room surfing the net until about 9am. That's when Brandon and Mel woke up. Made waffles with bananas for breakfast. Watched television (Goupil and Brandon were playing NHL on XBox).

Run at 12pm. 10.8 mile loop (73:22). Beautiful day out and Brandon rocked the run even with the low mileage he's been doing. Last mile 5:28 for fun and the fact that I haven't worked out all week. I've been itching to run faster. Just a recovery week though with the 10 mile race this past Sunday. Back to the apartment to stretch, protein shake, ice, and shower up.

Drove to Stewart's for lunch (AKA a pint of death by chocolate ice cream). Back to the apartment to eat and relax for a couple hours. Installed the Words With Friends app for Brandon on his iPad. Mel, Brandon and I grabbed some groceries for sweet potato quesdillas for dinner at about 5pm. Didn't think they would anything special, but they were bomb! Brandon cooked em up on the griddle. Gonna need to add the item to the repertoire of lunches and dinners.

Saratoga Springs for a few hours (9pm-12ish). It was alright. Expensive beer ($7, tip included), fried food and way past my bedtime. It was nice though. Caught up with a few co-workers and then home to immediately pass out.

The diet took a day off.

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