New Bedford

New Bedford

Friday, March 16, 2012

Rain Rain Go Away!

March 15th: 5am wakeup. I know, nothing new. Bowl of cereal and orange juice. Double decker peanut butter and banana sandwich for dinner. Good day at work. Smooth day. Home around 3pm to relax. Washed some dishes. Goupil home at 4:30pm. My runningwarehouse package with BOA shorts (hoping to match my new uniform) and smartwool arm warmers was delivered today. Shorts, not even close. More like a gold yellow. Official color: Saffron. Arm warmers are saweet and actually stay on my skinny ass arms. Decided to wait out the rain/thunderstorms instead of trudging through it. We delayed until about 6:30pm. Easy run. Rocked my new shorts. Super split and super short (Najem would be jealous), but had to throw the half tights on over because it was raining/chilly out. Doubled up on hats to keep the body warm. Drenched by the first couple miles. 5.5 (40:25). Back to shower immediately. Stretch, foam roll, and ice after for obvious reasons. 

A chicken salad for dinner. Threw in avocado and tomato for veggies. Thousand islands dressing. All set before the new Big Bang Theory. Friggin March Madness was being covered on all the channels. No new episode. Found something else to watch until I Skyped with Kimber. Bed before 9:30pm.

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