New Bedford

New Bedford

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Just Like High School

March 16th: 5am wakeup. Breakfast and orange juice. Work 6am-3:00pm. Responsibilities increased due to a suspension (eventually termination) of a full time employee. He will most likely be canned so I will doing tool sign offs. Home to just chill on a Friday afternoon. FaceTimed with my mom for a bit. Changed up for my run before the pasta party in Albany. I was ready to go at 4:25pm, but no sign of Goupil. Ran a mile loop around the complex and then Goupil was home. He joked that he was pissed that I was running without him.

Headed out around 4:35ish. Back before 6pm. 9.5 total (68:xx). Solid run. I had to poop at 5 miles. Jumped a fence into a golf course (no trespassing sign) and relieved myself right on the green. Just kidding. The woods. Showered up and stopped off at Da Choppa for E.L. Fudge Striped cookies and Gatorade. Pasta party for 3+ hours. Watched Duke lose (made me happy). Home by 10pm. Passed out soon after.

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