New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, March 20, 2012


March 19th: 5am wakeup. Sore only begins how my legs felt. Calves were the most sore followed by the quads. Hamstrings were not sore at all so that let me know I didn't over stride and the downhill wasn't too steep. Bowl of oatmeal for breakfast. No grocery shopping over the weekend so I had no milk or orange juice. Double decker peanut butter and banana (bananas from the race) for lunch. Work surpirsely flew by for a Monday. Alyssa and I signed off on SL1 on our first tool all by ourselves in the morning. High fived in our clean room suits! Home by 3pm. Relaxed. Foam rolled.

Drove to Kinns Road to run on the soft trails. 5+ miles (42:06). Felt better to run, but as soon as I stopped my legs began to throb. Found some nice hills to possibly workout on in the future. It was nice to just run short and slow. Stretched and back to the apartment.

Did some "couple's" shopping at Da Choppa with Goupil. It was pretty cute. Back to make dinner. Chicken and pasta topped with cheese. Showered. Bed kinda late. 10:30pm.

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