New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, March 26, 2012

Daily Grind

March 26th: 5am wakeup. Goupil coming back to NY this afternoon. So the last morning I can turn on the bedroom light and be semi-loud scrounging around before work. Oatmeal for breakfast. Double decker PB&J for lunch with some snacks including black licorice. Work 6-2:30pm. Went by real quick for a Monday. Da Choppa for some necessary grocery shopping. Back to drop off the food. Back out for a Walmart run to grab fluids/equipment for my Subie. Windshield wipers, power steering fluid leak stuff, power steering fluid, 5 quarts of oil, and windshield wiper fluid. And some ice packs. Back at 4:30pm. Filled up my power steering with the leak stop fluid. Goupil home at 5pm.

Run at 5:30ish. Shy of 10 miles (67:14). Felt good. Solid time for a Monday. Stretch, foam roll, ice. Dinner eventually after a shower. Chicken on salad with red pepper, cucumber and tomato. Thousand islands dressing. Kept the dinner light after the heavy (yet ridiculously delicious) food over the weekend. And the 6 Oreos right before run. My mom sent me home with a box of em. The regular size one, not the 10 sleeves of 11 cookies.

Bed somewhat early.

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