New Bedford

New Bedford

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Crazy Late Morning

March 6th: 5:00am wakeup. Wait, dismissed the alarms. Counted to 20. Fell back asleep hard and woke up at 5:34am. Ripped myself out of bed and immediately started whipping up my lunch (interesting that is what I gravitated towards first). Single decker PB&J. Yogurt. Granola. Nature Valley bar. Banana. Grabbed a Balance Bar and a banana for the car ride to work. Still not dressed at this point (just boxers). I think I threw on some pants and my long sleeve purple polo, then brushed my teeth. The morning was slightly a blur. All I know I was on the road hauling ass by 5:46am and to work only 5 minutes late. I didn't really speed either. Work was easy. It was a blah day and all I wanted to do was go for run. I realize that any stress I have is so easily relieved by running. I couldn't imagine coming home to work and just do nothing. Prepped my dinner and lunch for tomorrow because I knew it was a late day for the roommate.

Goupil was home at 5:30ish. Out the door at 6pm. Just shy of 9 miles (61:55). Recovery run with the workout in Albany tomorrow evening. Back to stretch, foam roll, ice, and toss my dinner in the oven. Steak with minced garlic on top, onions and mushrooms. Laid it on some pasta and chowed down. Big Bang Theory.

Shower after 9pm. Bed before 10pm.

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