New Bedford

New Bedford

Monday, March 12, 2012

Monday Nitro Time

March 12th: 5am wakeup. I wanted to go back to bed so badly. I woke up at 11:45pm last night and another time this morning. Managed to push myself out of the sheets. Bowl of cereal for breakfast. Lame lunch (egg salad sandwich, Ritz crackers, and almonds). Work 6am-2:45pm. Out at a decent time for the beautiful weather. Stopped off at the apartment to pick up my race winnings to deposit and make a grocery list. To the Choppa and TD Bank. Check wasn't accepted because the wrong name was on the check originally and crossed out to put my name on it. I was pissed, but shook it off. Grocery run for the week. Home to stretch and foam roll before heading out in just shorts and a t-shirt. Great run with Derrick and Goupil. 10.5+ (71:06) with a 5:0x last mile. Solid run and it was just amazing weather.

Stretch, foam roll, some pushups and situps, ice and starting making my sausage, pepper, onion, mushroom and mozzarella cheese sub. Big Bang Theory. Bed early.

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