New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, March 29, 2012


March 29th: 5am wakeup. No cereal so I settled for oatmeal. Made it with milk. Extra creamy with maple syrup and sugar. Packed the lunch. Out the door at 5:40am. Work 6-2:30pm. Work was smooth. No tool sign-offs and standard safety walks throughout the day. PCW "explosion" at the end of the day. Gallons and gallons of process chilled water pouring out of a pipe in the back of the subfab. Other than that, normal day. Stopped off at Target before heading back to the apartment. Cheese grater, cereal, and ACT mouthwash. Home to take off the shoes and socks. Slip on the Sanuks to let the feet breath. Pooped. Took some chicken out of the freezer for dinner/lunch. Relaxed in front of the television with the iPad until Goupil got home. He had a meeting scheduled until 5 so later run.

Out the door at 6pm. 10+ miles (70:21) with a 6:00 last mile. Solid run. Relaxed. Calves actually weren't sore in the 1st mile. Progressively more sore through the run. Survived. Foam roll, stretch, and prepare my dinner. Chicken with salad. Avocado, tomato, and cucumber. Shredded cheese and carrots with the use of my new grater. New Big Bang Theory finally. No March Madness tonight. Ate my dinner after the new episode. Packed the remains for lunch tomorrow. Shower and iced the calves before falling asleep. Bed early to rest up the legs for the Fast Friends 4.5 miler in Keene, NH this Saturday. Should be nice weather and good competition.

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