New Bedford

New Bedford

Thursday, March 8, 2012

Albany Running Exchange Wednesday Workout

March 7th: 5am wakeup. Honey Bunches of Oats for breakfast. On the road the same time I woke up the day before, 5:35am. Much smoother morning. Work 6-2:30pm. Stopped in at the Publik House (that's how its spelled) for a few drinks (water) after work. Conversed with my co-workers for a bit before heading back to Clifton Park. Swung by GNC and found Goupil buying some protein powder. One of the employees attempted selling me the better (and more expensive) protein powder. I let him talk his spiel, but stuck with my original choice. I held my ground because I've been using the same stuff since high school and it works (and it had my favorite flavor that I can't find anywhere else, chocolate caramel). Ain't changing it now in the middle of marathon training. Goupil bought the pricey stuff. Back to the house to change up for the Albany Running Exchange (ARE) workout in Albany at 6pm.

Left at 5:10ish to arrive for a pre-warmup. 3 mile warmup total (20:55). 2 with Goupil, 1 on my own (I had to poop right before the warmup, so it would of been with the team). 3x800 (400 rest), 3x600 (200 rest), 3x400 (200 rest). 2:26, 2:25, 2:22, 1:47, 1:44, 1:44, 70, 68, 65. Total distance 7800 meters (4.85 miles) at 5:40 pace (27:28). Solid workout. Wore the flats. Lots of people on the track going all different speeds so it kept my mind off the workout. Each lap was focused more on how many people I could pass before the interval was over. Some slight bobbing and weaving, but nothing crazy. I didn't even have to say "Track!" or "Lane 1!" once. Great atmosphere overall. Cooldown 3 miles (22:53). 11 miles for day. Protein shake and Josh's (Team captain/sponsor/organizer) house for dinner and racing team meeting.

Spicy Italian subs and cookies (someone even brought a box of Girl Scout cookies). Powerpoint presentation (presented by Josh, former teacher) about the team and upcoming year with races. Fun time and officially joined the ARE team (received a jersey). Race entry fees and travel paid for the team races. Sweeeeeet!

Home at 9:30pm. Signed up for the New Bedford Half Marathon (March 18th). Shower. Bed before 11pm. Ouch, late. Oh well. Just can't make a habit out of it.

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