New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Work It Out Now

March 28th: 5am wakeup. Bowl of cereal for breakfast. Finished off my Honey Bunches of Oats. Double decker PB&J for lunch with snacks. Work 6-2:45pm. Work went well. I officially have a computer at work now because I am part of the tool sign-off team. Pretty exciting. Still doing the safety for the most part so its about 25% tool sign-off. Home to relax before getting ready for the workout. I started to wash some dishes and it led to cleaning the entire stovetop. Removed the coils and everything. Windexed the whole thing. I can tell my mom has rubbed off on me a little bit with the OCD cleaning. I don't mind :)

Drove to the track at 5pm. Planned workout 3xmile and 6x200. 3+ mile (22:29) warmup. Lacrosse game set to start at 6pm so we got right on the track to begin. I rocked my extra short shorts (no comments luckily). 4:50, 4:46, 4:42. 31, 31, 30, 29. Calves let me know they were still feeling the half marathon so I ended it at 4x200. 800 rest between the miles. 200 rest on the 200s. 2.5+ mile (19:28) cooldown. 11+ on the day.

Back to foam roll, stretch, and pop my dinner in the oven. Boneless pork ribs with chopped garlic and onions. Some sweet and spicy rub on the pork. Iced while I waited it to cook. Cooked up some angel hair pasta and divided everything into two portions to have some for lunch tomorrow. Big Bang Theory and Family Guy. Shower and bed early.

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