New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Long Day

February 29th: 4:45am wakeup. Tough to get up out of bed. Bowl of cereal. Washed some dishes. Out the door at 5:30am. Work from 6am-2:30pm. One of the safety team members texted Goupil and said the supervisor of EHS wants 2 dozen donuts. The statement to guarantee he would buy em was he would be reimbursed. It was all a lie! We had donuts for break at 8. I accidentally ate 5 donuts. Whoops! Chicken and avocado sub for lunch. In the afternoon, I had one of the contractors give me some lip on a verbal recommendation I was giving him about his PTP sheet. Set me off a bit, but I kept my cool. I have his name anyways. Ended the day on the computer to type up my notes. Home to relax before Goupil made it back to the nest at 4ish.

Out the door at 4:45pm to met up with Derrick for the normal loop. Slushy and snowing out so it was a survival run. Cruised through it with minimal conversation. 9+ miles (65:12). We were puddle/slush f***ed three times within the first 2 miles. I wanted to punch something or just stop. I didn't.

Back to stretch and foam roll. A couple sets of pushups and sit-ups. Calf raises in the shower. Omelette for dinner. Bed before 9.

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