New Bedford

New Bedford

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Work It Out

February 8th: 5:10am wakeup. Big bowl of Go Lean Crisp and a glass of OJ for breakfast. Work from 6am-3pm. For working in such a large building, there are definitely not enough bathrooms in the place for the number of workers. I had to travel up to the 3rd floor in order to find an open stall. My mistake was I attempted to use it directly after lunch. Post lunch is the time of high occupancy in the restrooms. Rest of the day was a breeze and I made it home to relax before Goupil got home for a run.

With the ginormous lunch I ate earlier (about 1/2 pound pasta with chicken and veggies, yogurt with a banana and granola, and a Clif bar), I had to empty myself before the workout. I got dressed and did a lap (1+ mile) at 4:15pm. Worked like a charm.

Goupil and I met up with Derrick at the Chen High School track for a warmup. 31:33 total warmup (4.5). Did some strides to stretch out the kinks. Quads still a little sore from Sunday. The goal of the workout was 4x400 and 4x800 with half rest. Alternating between 400s and 800s. The structure was 400 interval, 200 jog, 800 interval, 400 jog, 400 interval, 200 jog and so on. Classic Keene State workout. Started out the 1st set 78, 2:37 (80,77). A bit rusty. 2nd set 74, 2:30 (74,76). 3rd set was a surprise and went smoothly at 72, 2:24 (72,72). Last set brough me back to a spring college day at Monadnock High School and I hit 68, 2:20 (69,71). The recovery was kept easy, but happy with the overall workout. Felt smooth the whole way and Goupil did not appreciate my leg speed that magically flashed back into my legs by the end of the workout. It happens. 4.5 mile workout. Cooldown a little under 3 (19:00). 12 total for the day.

Dinner = mushroom, tomato, green pepper 4 egg omelette with cheddar and mozzarella cheese topped with some ketchup. Destroyed it. Bed early. Oh and terrible rancid gas all day. I'm glad I don't have a desk job.

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